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Features of Nevada Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)


  • LLC’s may engage in any lawful business outside the USA and make use of any currency that they may choose.
  • Trademark registration.



  • Nevada has no state tax, no franchise tax, no inventory tax, no inheritance tax, no unitary tax, no gift tax and no chain store tax.
  • Low property tax, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance tax.
  • Nevada has no IRS information-sharing agreement (there is no exchange of information between the  Sate of Nevada and any other state or Federal agency).
  • LLC’s Members that conduct no business in the US and have no US source income, deductions, or credits are not subject to US federal income tax, and are not required to file US federal income tax return.
  • LLC’s could be subject to taxation by the United States of America or its individual states. It may include, trading in, with or through any territory of the USA, opening bank accounts, applying for a federal identification number (EIN), hiring employees or agents, and owning business interests and/or  property in the United States of America.
  • Minimizing disclosures and filings: the key distinction is keeping separate “U.S. persons” (the Nevada  LLC) and the all “non- U.S. persons” (the foreign member). If the U.S. Person has foreign accounts,   then it may have to file FBAR disclosures. The non-U.S. persons remain confidential and do not,  simply by virtue of owning an interest in a U.S. entity, have to file or disclose. Only when the non- U.S. person receives U.S. income should that person file and disclose.
  • Obtaining an EIN number does not trigger tax liability on the company or its members. Filing a “zero  return” is a very good idea, it puts a deadline on IRS actions and shows compliance with standard industry practice. A single-member LLC is a disregarded entity meaning that the IRS will lock directly to the member for payment of taxes due. Without US Income, there is no liability, but if there is US income, then the taxes for that income are payable by the member.


  • Layered Nevada LLCs: this arrangement will be successful for limited liability. However, the member-LLC will be a U.S Person and will be subject to all regulations. Any U.S. income will pass thru to the ultimate member. This solution does not have federal tax advantages.



  • No need to register a minimum or maximum capital contribution.
  • More than one class membership interest is allowed, which provides the flexible structuring.



  • Managers and members can be either corporate entities or natural persons.
  • Initial or ongoing changes in manager or member (the latter, if they are handling the management of the LLC)   need to be filed at the Secretary of State in Nevada.
  • The Manager may grant special or general powers of attorney.
  • Register of Manager and Member is required and must be kept at the Registered Office of the LLC.
  • The LLC may have one or more Managers, who do not need to be members.
  • One or more persons may form a limited-liability company.
  • Managers and Members may be of any nationality and may be residents of any country. The required minimum being one Manager and one Member.
  • Managers and Members may hold their meetings in any country and may attend such meetings by proxy.



  • No requirement to file financial statements, nor to hold annual general meetings of Managers or Members.
  • The filing of an annual list of Managers or Members is mandatory.



  • An LLC may have a perpetual duration.
  • Excellent availability of company names for incorporation.
  • The words “Limited Liability Company”, “Limited Company”, or “Limited”, or the abbreviations “Ltd.”, “L.L.C.”, “L.C.”, “LLC”, or ‘LC’ may be used in a LLC’s name.  The word “Company” may be abbreviated as “Co.”
  • Incorporation procedure takes from 10 to 15 days.
  • A 24-hour Company Name Reservation Service.



  • The books records and minutes of the company may be kept in any place or country at the Manager’s or Member’s choice if they are handling the management of the LLC.
  • An LLC must keep copy of the following records at its registered office in Nevada: Articles of Organization and amendments (if any), Annual list reflecting the Manager(s)or Member (s) and business address, Operating agreement,  Power of attorney (if any), copy of Register of manager (s) and copy of Register of Member(s).
  • An LLC must keep the following records at the office of the secretary of State in Nevada: Articles of Organization and amendments (if any), details of Resident Agent, Annual list reflecting the Manager(s) or Member(s) and business address.



  • Registered Office Nevada is required.
  • Corporate seal is optional.
  • The apostille is normally used to legalize documentation. Legalization via a Consulate is also available for some  countries.



  • Reasonable formation and maintenance costs and fees.



  • Foreign companies can be speedily continued to Nevada.
  • Conversion of a U.S. company from any State to Nevada is allowed



  • Sue and be sued, complain and defend, in its name.
  • Purchase any real or personal property, or an interest therein, wherever situated.
  • Sell, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, transfer and otherwise dispose of all or any part of its property and assets.
  • Lend money to and otherwise assist its members.
  • Deal in and with shares or members’ interests.
  • Make contracts and guarantees and incur liabilities, borrow money at such rates of interest as the LLC may determine.
  • Lend, invest and reinvest its money.
  • Conduct its business, carry on its operations and have and exercise the powers grated in any foreign country.
  • Appoint managers and Agents.
  • Cease its activities and surrender its Article of Organization.
  • Exercise all powers necessary or convenient to achieve any of the purposes for which the LLC is organized.



  • Excellent corporation law.
  • Flexible company law.
  • No taxes levied on offshore and banking transactions.
  • No exchange control regulations.
  • Political and economic stability.
  • Serviced by major world airlines
  • Excellent hotel accommodations
  • Excellent worldwide communication facilities.
  • Skilled personnel.
  • No capital gains, income or other kinds of tax.



  • Appropriate character references and other due diligence documents, as required.
  • Cardwell Managers  and Members could be appointed.
  • Copy of the Register of Manager reflecting complete name and business address of the Manager(s).



Location Nevada is a western state, lying in the great Basin and Plateau section of the United States.

    It is bordered on the north by Oregon and Idaho. California is to the west and southwest.
    To the Southeast is Arizona, with the Colorado   River forming part of the boundary.
    Nevada’s eastern neighbor is Utah.
Area 110,540 square miles, 485 miles long, 315 miles wide, seventh  in size.
Population 2,600,167 ( 2008 Est.)
Climate Arid and there is abundant sunshine, light rainfall and snow.
Official Language English
Government Nevada has a bicameral (two houses) Legislature consisting of the Senate  and the Assembly.

    The two houses are jointly designated in the State  Constitution as “ The legislature of the
    State of Nevada”.
Living Standard High
Banking Worldwide banking facilities available
Legal Tender US dollar.
Industry Hotel, gaming and recreations.




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