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What is a Trust?

A trust agreement is a document that determine the rules to be followed for wealth, held in trust in favour of your beneficiaries, with an objective to reduce the estate tax liability, protect assets and avoid probate.


Person to set up a trust

This person is commonly known as trustor, settlor, or grantor.


Trust objective

There are different types of trust, to be selected with clear objectives, depending on the   nature of the assets allocation.



Once the assets placed into a trust, the assets will formally be known as trust assets.



A trust beneficiary, benefit from the trust as the person or institution eventually benefit partially or totally of the assets placed into trust.



The trustee is the person in charge of the trust, to understand, the rules, to manage, and make sure that the trust stays in working order.



The rule varies, depending on the type of the trust used, and what is specified in the trust agreement.

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