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Seychelles Trust




The Seychelles Trust regulatory framework are governed by the Seychelles International Act 1994 (The Act) The Seychelles International Authority (SIBA) is appointed to be the regulatory body for Trusts, alongside the court.

The Main Features of the Seychelles Trust.

The Settlor can not be resident in the Seychelles during the duration of the Trust.

At least one Trustee must be resident in the Seychelles.

A corporate trustee, owned by the Settlor can be Trustee.

The duration of a Seychelles International Trust is 100 years unless stated otherwise.

The Settlor can be a beneficiary, subject to other named beneficiary.

The Trust deed is not filed with any public authority.

Any property located in the Seychelles is excluded from the Trust assets.

Seychelles Trusts are not subjected to any taxation, exchange controls, or any financial statements to be filed in any public capacity.

Seychelles Trusts are exempted from any income tax capital gains, assets, or stamp duties.

Any questions related to Seychelles International Trusts, are referred to the Seychelles International Trust act of 1994.

The trust deeds are normally the instruments, by which a trust is formed, even though the Seychelles do allow oral declaration.


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