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Company formation on Malta, Legal and taxation aspects


Company Type: International trading Company



Name:             The company name must end with “Limited” or “LTD”
Capital: Standard capital 1 500 US$, 20% of which must be paid up.
Shares: Bearer shares are not permitted.
Shares Index:      Yes
Registered Agent         Requirement: Yes
Registered                   Headquarters: Yes
Entry in the public     Register: Yes, the must be entered in the commercial register.
Shareholders: Minimum 1 (if the director is a natural person) Minimum 2 (if the director is corporate)
Directors: Minimum 1
Secretary (Commissary): Yes
Incorporation Period:  3-4 days
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner: No
Disclosure of Shareholders: Yes, Anonymity can be retained through nominees.
Disclosure of Directors: Yes
Trading Restrictions:  Trading in Malta or with residents of Malta is not permitted.
Taxation: Initially profits are taxed at the normal rate. Following the distribution of dividends, however, tax paid is partially refunded, resulting in an effective tax rate of 4.17%.
State Tax: No
Charges Double Taxation Agreements: Yes, 36
Financial Statements:  Yes
Tax Returns: Yes
Accounting: Yes
Annual Reports: Yes
Acquisition Fees (ITC) : Reasonable Cost
General Information Area:   315,6 sq km
Capital: Valletta
GDP per capital: 11 330 €
Unemployment Rate: 7%
Population: 397 000
Language: Maltese, English
Currency:                  Maltese Lira
Rate of Inflation: 2.9%
Political Risks: None
Cost of Living: Law in comparison to Europe
Communications: Good
Residence Permit: Easily acquired
Legal Systems: Based on English law and the French code Napoléon, company Act of 1996
Exchange Control: No
Patent Law: Yes



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