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UAE Report On VAT, Corporate Tax Developments

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The Finance Ministry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has provided a progress update on

The adoption of a value-added tax Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) level.


The GCC states – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, and the UAE – previously

Agreed to introduce a VAT simultaneously, however, these negotiations are still ongoing,

As GCC countries have yet to agree on a tax rate and a list of exemptions, the finance Ministry



The UAE is currently undertaking studies on the impact of the VAT and is drafting three

Domestic laws, including a parent VAT law, which is to include the features agreed at GCC

Level. The other two laws could govern VAT procedures and establish a federal VAT authority.


The Ministry  said the studies it is undertaking look at the potential social and economic

Implications of introducing a VAT, including reviewing the impact of a VAT on the UAE’s

Global competitiveness. Alongside this, the Government is also drafting a new corporate tax

Law, It said a corporate tax rate has yet to be agreed.


The Government said that as an agreement is reached, an announcement will be made

Immediately, to allow companies 18 months to prepare for the VAT and 12 months to prepare

For a new corporate tax regime.


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