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Spain Removes Barbados From Blacklist

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Following a protest from Barbados Ministry of International Business, Spain has

Removed Barbados from its tax blacklist.


Barbado’s international Business Minister, Donville  Inniss, Praised the move and said

It was his hope that other countries would follow suit.


Inniss said: Barbados currently has 34 double taxation agreements ( DTAs)

And this to my mind adds great value to our international business sector, also, we are

Expecting a DTA with Italy and , over the next few weeks, formal negotiations on a tax

Treaty with Cyprus will commence in London, England.


Innis also indicated that the territory is undertaking bilateral discussions with those EU

Member states that still have Barbados on their lists.


He noted that Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,

Portugal, and Slovenia has been sent diplomatic notes to ensure they are aware of the “errors”

In their listing, to formalize tax treaty relations with them, and to endeavour to have the island

Removed from their lists.


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