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IRS Plugs Its Help For Americans Living Abroad

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has reminded US taxpayers living abroad, as well as other international taxpayers, that its website provides a good starting place for getting answers to their tax questions.

It notes that the International Taxpayers page on IRS.gov has information designed to help taxpayers living abroad, resident aliens, nonresident aliens, residents of US territories, and foreign students. The website also features a directory that includes overseas tax preparers.

The online IRS Tax Map and the International Tax Topic Index group IRS forms, publications, and web pages by subject and provide users with a single entry point to find tax information. In 2015, the IRS also created videos to assist international taxpayers with some of their most common questions, including filing requirements, the foreign earned income exclusion, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, filing status if married to a nonresident alien, and foreign tax credits.

“These resources provide critical information to assist taxpayers with many different needs,” said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. “Tax issues can be even more challenging for international taxpayers, and IRS.gov provides important details they need to understand their obligations.”

American Citizens Abroad has, however, previously pointed out that, largely due to the IRS’s budgetary restrictions, the agency’s ability “to render services to taxpayers overseas and, in effect, help them work out their collection problems, has been severely reduced. IRS offices overseas have been closed.”

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