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EU Likely To Challenge Germany’s Road Toll Plans

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Germany’s new road toll, planned to be operational from 2016, is likely to be opposed

by the European Commission, reports say.


Under the plan, a vignette system would be introduced from 2016, onwards, requiring

drivers to purchase a sicker for either ten days, two months, or one year. The ten day

or two months stickers would cost EUR10(USD12). Or EUR20, respectively, while the

price of the one-year sticker would be calculated according to the vehicle’s engine size

and emissions, up to a maximum of EUR130.


The new levy would apply equally to all drivers on German roads, However, German citizens

would be effectively reimbursed via a reduction of an equivalent amount on their liability to

vehicle tax. This has raised concerns of discrimination against foreign drivers, which would

be contrary to EU law. Commission President Jean-Claude Junker previously warned that

the new toll would likely contravene EU law and has recently reiterated these concerns, in an

Interview with Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.


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