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DIFC To Triple In Size By 2024

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The Dubai International Financial Centre announced on June 10, 2015, that it is looking to

Grow threefold over the next 10 years, through a new strategy that includes enhancing

Infrastructure and increasing the availability of skilled staff.


Under the new strategy, the free zone aims to become one of the top-10 financial centers in

The world, It plans to increase the number of active domiciled financial firms to 1,000 by 2024.

Up from 362 last year. Assets under the management of fund managers and financial institutions

Are expected to grow rapidly to an estimated USD250bn from USD10.4bn over the same period.


In addition, the DIFC expects the combined workforce of DIFC-registered companies to grow from

17’860 to 50’000 over the next decade.


The DIFC offers firms zero percent income tax guaranteed for 50 years, 100 percent foreign ownership,

No exchange controls, and a legal system based on English common law.


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