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Estonia Committed to Keeping Tax Rates Low

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Estonia’s Prime Minister, Taavi Roivas, has stressed the importance of an

Efficient tax agency to be able to offer low rates of tax.


He made to comment during a visit to the tax authority to praise its performance

In 2013. the organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recognized

Estonia as having the most efficient tax administration of all OECD members, with a

Tax administration cost to net revenue collected ratio of 0.3 percent.


Estonia offers a competitive tax system, with a relatively low corporation tax rate of 20

Percent, effectively only on distributed profits, Earlier, in April, Roivas said the Government

Hopes to lower social security taxes by one percent, as a step in the right direction, with

Further tax relief to be considered in the future.


Roivas said that, with the use of new technologies, the tax authority can assist the

Government in keeping tax rates down, he said: the more user-friendly the payment of

Taxes is made, the better the tax receipt.


Tax revenues in April 2015 were 10.2 percent greater than for the same month fast year.


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